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Welcome to the Office

You can have your session or class in person in my Montreal office. Address 5165 Sherbrooke West, office 211. You can park on Marlowe street (corner of Sherbrooke). Ring 211 to access. If you need help call me 514 5919217, or text.

Office sessions are available only on Saturday and Sunday and by appointment only! I advise that you book your session well in advance, walk ins and last minute sessions are rarely possible. Thank you!

  •   We finally gathered together and organized our own Ghost Hunting group called “Spirit Rescue MTL”! We are: Kamy Dova (organizer), A

  • All blog posts are written by me (therefore forgive my grammar sometimes 😉 and they reflect TRUE EVENTS, personal experiences, nothing has been made u

  • I am so excited, you can’t even imagine! I finally signed up for my Ghost Hunting course! I expect to complete it in January. In the meantime I