Where did you live in your Past Life?

I will begin with a suggestion how you can find out for yourself where did you live in your past life. And then I will share my story. I will try to the best of my abilities to include a useful advice or information in all my posts. We have memories from past lives stored in our subconscious mind. When we feel particularly attracted to something, to person or a place, it might be due to our past life relationship with it. When you visit a foreign country and you FEEL that you somehow know the area, you have been in those buildings, the culture seems so familiar, take it as a big possibility that you are returning to your ancient home! In the story to follow you will see that these are not simply suggestions, but proven facts. The other lesson I have learned is that nothing happens coincidentally. If you are guided to do something, there is a reason for that. Sometimes it takes few years to realize what happened and why, but the confirmation always comes! The prove is to follow.

Back in 1998 I visited France for the first time. I visited many countries in my life, but that was the only place that made me cry when I had to leave! For unknown (at the time) reason. I just felt deep sadness that I was leaving! As mentioned above everything seemed familiar. Especially Palace of Versailles (Chateau de Versailles) – man, if it wasn’t my own home, then for sure that was the time period that I lived in – 18th century. I speak French. The story behind it is interesting too and once again confirms that destiny is stronger than anything else. I wanted to study French in High school but my mom made me sign up for German as a first choice. Thankfully I got accepted in the French class 🙂 Back to my Paris vacation – as every other tourist, I purchased quite few souvenirs, made pictures etc. I was never too religious and I don’t call myself Christian, but again “for some reason” I bought a silver cross pendant from Notre Dame de Paris (catholic cathedral). Today, 18 years after this trip, that cross is the only thing that I still keep and use. If it still doesn’t make sense, hold on, the answer is coming!

Recently I have been meditating extensively due to my Akashic Records training. In one of the past lives presented to me I saw myself as a nun living in France! Yes, it all makes sense now, doesn’t it! By the way if you want to go deeper into that story – I saw myself as a teacher to younger girls. I was either teaching them how to write or how to become nuns, I didn’t see many details, but that was the feeling. I also saw myself working with a priest called Joseph. I think my name was Sophie Sebastiano and the year was 1846. I did a research online and I found this:

Society of the Sacred Heart, (R.S.C.J.), a Roman Catholic religious congregation of women devoted to the education of girls, founded in France in 1800 by Madeleine Sophie Barat. Joseph Varin, a leader in the religious renewal in France following the French Revolution, was looking for a young woman to head an educational order modelled on the Jesuits and dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He chose Mother Barat, and in Paris on Nov. 21, 1800, she and three companions pronounced their religious vows. In 1801 the first convent was opened at Amiens. The first school established was a free school for the children of the poor, and education of the poor has continued to be a concern of the order; but the Society of the Sacred Heart has been noted for its fine schools, academies, and colleges intended especially for the daughters of the wealthy and highly placed. By the time of the death of the foundress in 1865, the order had spread from France to 11 countries of Europe, Algeria, and North and South America. (source https://www.britannica.com/topic/Society-of-the-Sacred-Heart)

We have the following similarities and matches – France, Paris, Catholic church, the name of the nun was Sophie, the year 1846 is also confirmed by the time period, she was a teacher, and she worked with Joseph! Wow! In this life I have studied to be a teacher, later decided to work as a spiritual teacher and the list goes on. Even if the information I got was not 100% match, I have too many similarities to dismiss it. I also believe that I know Joseph again in the present time. Let me know what you think!

So where do you feel that you have lived before? Which country, language, culture makes your heart sing with joy? Find out!

In the next stories I will be writing about Atlantis, Egypt and India.