We finally gathered together and organized our own Ghost Hunting group called "Spirit Rescue MTL"! We are: Kamy Dova (organizer), Aurora, Alan, Serina and Carol - all Mediums, Intuitive Psychics, Ghost Hunters, most of us also write, and have a bunch of other talents as well. We are united by the love and interest towards the Spirit World and our intention to help lost souls. Our first official group gathering took place in my apartment. In the video published here you will see a mix of the most interesting episodes, best EVP's captured both on video and audio. We are continuously improving our knowledge and abilities in spirit communication. I invite you to be part of our journey through my blog, as I am posting here every ghost hunt that I do in Montreal. Feel free to comment, write suggestions, constructive critics etc. I am also organizing workshops and classes on topics such as Spirit Communication, Ghost Hunting, Automatic Writing, follow my MeetUp and come in person!