Spirit rescue night

I met a group of wonderful people in Montreal, medium friends! We decided to meet bi-weekly for a Mediumship circle. We do meditations together, we pass messages from our spirit guides and we help earth bound spirits to cross into the Astral plane. Our first meeting was on the 20th of August 2016. You will find our ghost stories here on my blog.

The night was absolutely amazing! It was so productive and blessed, much more than any of us could have expected! We gathered with the intention to clear the space and to help few spirits cross over. But we ended up creating a light portal with enormous energy, a portal that led any soul stuck on Earth into the Light! We began by crossing one spirit. Then few more made contact. At the end we realized that it’s not the location that was haunted with a lot of ghosts, it was rather our circle that attracted all spirits in he neighborhood and maybe the whole town and beyond! So we said “Ok guys, it’s gonna take forever to release them one by one, let’s make a one-way tunnel going up.” As with almost anything in spirituality we didn’t plan this, we just followed our guidance. I felt that there were many, many souls who crossed over that night, more than 100. My friend Aurora North from Soulful Traveler saw the souls boarding a big train and leaving the light station. Then there was another train, and more and more people boarding – men, women, kids, families, even pets!

At a certain point in time we had to close the light portal. Another interesting fact about this night was that Aurora came into contact with a monk named Vincent. By the way my gatekeeper (spirit guide) is a monk too! So I instantly knew that God and the Archangels were sending us back up, spiritual help that was much appreciated too! Always remember to thank guys! Overall everything went well, we did a lot of audio and video recordings but no EVP (electronic voice phenomena) were found so far. Maybe next time. I had the guidance to offer some food to the ghosts. The same way people leave food and drinks at the cemetery, we placed a bowl with some snack as a sign of respect. Cassandra and Aracely felt a physical sensation of the ghosts touching them, for me it is just a mental communication. How do you feel or sense spirit? You can comment below.

To know that there was a major light work being done and to have the opportunity to take part, for me was a true blessing! We will be meeting again on September 5th 2016, stay tuned for the news!