Spirit Attachments

As a Medium I specialize in Spirit Attachment Release. They are many types of attachments to the energy field (aura) – Human spirit, non-human spirit (dark entity), negative thoughts, past life vows / contracts, curses, etheric cording and more. If you feel that something is holding you back, controlling you or no matter how hard you try you seem to have bad luck and no success, this may be due to a Spirit Attachment. The Spirit Attachment Release is used also for demonic entities, curses and black magic removal !!!

Possible symptoms of a Spirit attachment:

Depression, chronic fatigue, obsessive behavior, mood swings, addictions (drugs, alcohol, overeating), problems with memory and concentration, physical pain unexplained by medical doctors, panic, anxiety, fears, nightmares, feeling a ghost present.



How does it work?

  1. Send me your recent photograph (no sunglasses). I will remotely scan your aura and use other methods to determine if you have an attachment/s and what type they are.
  2. Fill in the questionnaire and email it back to me. Then I will proceed with the spirit attachment release.
  3. Once you are free and cleansed, I will do an aura protection to keep you safe in the future!

The session includes:

  • Initial Aura Scan and Assessment
  • Symptoms questionnaire – Word document
  • Email / Facebook / Skype or telephone discussion
  • Determination of the Spirit Attachment type
  • Spirit attachment release
  • Questionnaire
  • Energy protection sample for you to use at home anytime
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