Space Clearing


Clearing of the space (your house, apartment, office, car etc) from negative energies with Reiki, incents and prayer. This include releasing the area of any negative Spirits too !!! You will receive a FREE tutorial on how to do smudging (clearing the energy with sage) – Word file (instant download after payment)

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Price per hour 130 $. For locations outside of Montreal add 20 $ to your total.

This service is recommended if:

  • You recently moved to a new location
  • You sense presense in the house / objects were moving / unexplained electricity or plumbing issues
  • Cold spots in the house (not explained logically)
  • You experience reoccuing episodes of bad luck, feeling lack of energy

See the Spirit Attachment session. Space clearing is similar, but it clears a location, not a person’s aura.

  • I am not a medical doctor, nor psychologist. I do not offer medical advice, nor I diagnose. * This is an energetic spiritual service.
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