Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice. It is energy that heals on spiritual, mental and physical level. You can enjoy the endless benefits of Reiki by booking your session in person or at distance.

Reiki is known to relieve stress, anxiety, pain,insomnia, fatigue, to facilitates the natural healing abilities of our bodies. The energy is suitable for pregnant women, children, the elderly. It has been succesfully used for animals too. Reiki helps with addictions, diet changes, setting intention for a healtier lifestyle. It can charge water and objects.

I am Reiki Master Teacher and I work in the Traditional Reiki Style called Usui Shiki Ryoho. You will find many variations of Reiki but all of them origin from the Traditional Usui Reiki. Reiki energy stimulates the natural recovery, removes any blockages from negative energy, balances the chakras and harmonizes you.

Reiki is used as an alternative holistic method along with the traditional medicine and a Reiki session DOES NOT replace your visit to the medical doctor!


For distant sessions – send me your photo and prefered date / time to receive the session.

Kamy Dova, Certified Reiki Master Teacher

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30 min, 1 hour

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