Reiki Master Teacher Level


First you need to complete Reiki Master Level. With the last 4th level of Reiki education you will learn how to attune other people into Reiki and you will become Reiki Master Teacher. Your energy will increase once more in a very powerful way! Your intuition will develop further. Course outline approved by CRA.


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Reiki Master Teacher Level

  • Class duration 12 hours (3 days x 4 hours or 2 days 6 hours)
  • Professional quality Reiki Level 3 manual – printed materials, folder, small gift
  • Certificates with gold color stamps
  1. Full review of class 1, 2 and 3. Answering of any questions
  2. Questionnaire (why did you decide to take this class, are you able to work on your own blockages etc)
  3. Attunement into Master Teacher Level
  4. Dai Komio symbol
  5. Raku sumbol
  6. Instructions how to perform each of the 4 attunements
  7. Overview of distant session & distant attunement
  8. Reiki Master manual containing detail instructions for the four attunements
  9. CRA – information, help to sign up / upgrade membership
  10. Providing all current and necessary CRA documents, assist the student to apply if necessary
  11. If new student – provide all CRA basic documentation: up-to-date application, code of ethics, disciplinary cation policy, C.E.U., Case study forms
  12. All 24 case study forms must be submitted with new applications
  13. Student member – upgrade to Registered practitioner, application plus 24 case studies within 12 months
  14. Advise students on criteria necessary to upgrade membership. New students receive the whole document package.
  15. Teacher evaluation link (or hard copy if necessary)
  16. Marketing strategies (start your own practice)
  17. Scope of Practice and Code of Conduct
  18. Preparation of your own class outlines
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