Reiki Master Level


With Reiki 1 we work on physical level, with Reiki 2 we concentrate on emotional and mental problems, while with Reiki Master we are working at a global level and mostly working on our spiritual path. After the Reiki Master initiation your energy will increase once more, your intuition will deepen, you will strengthen your connection with the Universe and your whole life will change for the better! You will be able to remove karma blockages, to direct lost souls into the light. You will learn the sacred Reiki Master symbol, which uses are many and well described in your manual. 



Reiki Master Practitioner Level / R.M.P.

  • Class duration approximately 2 – 3 h
  • Professional quality Reiki Level 3 manual – printed materials, folder, small gift
  • Certificates with gold color stamps
  1. Welcome message. Brief description and warning about the 21 days of spiritual cleansing.
  2. Reiki Master attunement
  3. Review of Reiki Level 1 and 2, discussion on any possible questions
  4. Dai Komio symbol, theoretical and practical use
  5. Sending spirit into the light, releasing spirit attachments (Mediumship practice!)
  6. Aura cleansing
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