Reiki Level 2


After being attuned into Reiki Level 2 your energy will increase significantly. You will learn three sacred Reiki symbols – a symbol of Strength, Mental and Emotional symbol and the Distance symbol. You will have the ability to send Reiki energy everywhere and anytime – in the past, present and future! You will send Reiki to people, animals, plants, no matter where or when are they located. You will know how to clear spaces from negative energies and influences, how to clear and charge items and how to build a protection. You will be able to heal physical and emotional pain, spiritual blockages, emotional traumas, and how to work with clients. 


Reiki Level 2

  • Class duration approximately 2 h
  • Professional quality Reiki 2 manual – printed materials, folder, small gift
  • Certificates with gold color stamps
  1. Welcome message. Brief description and warning about the 21 days of spiritual cleansing.
  2. Reiki Initiation –one attunement for the 3 sacred symbols – Sei Heki, Choku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
  3. Detailed explanation of each symbol – meaning of the hieroglyphs, practice to draw them, how and when to use them.
  4. How to combine the symbols and practical examples (space clearing, distant session etc)
  5. How to integrate the Reiki symbols into a session
  6. Demonstration on how to use Sei Heki for mental/emotional healing, releasing unwanted habits.
  7. Various methods of distant healing (with a photo, with visualization, with a doll)
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