Reiki level 1

You will learn about the history of Reiki, its core beliefs and main principles. You will get a better understanding about the 7 energetic centers in our bodies called chakras, the hands position during a Reiki session. After the first initiation (class) Reiki will flow freely and permanently through you, you will be able to heal yourself and other people, animals and plants! You will know how to charge with Reiki energy your food, water, crystals etc.


Reiki Level 1

  1. Reiki attunement (individually for each student)
  2. Welcome message. Brief description and warning about the 21 days of spiritual cleansing.
  3. Reiki – definition and concept. Etymology of the hieroglyphs and their meaning.
  4. Application – (when and why to do a Reiki session, practical examples)
  5. Side effects and possible risks (none). An emphasis is made on the free will and willingness of the recipient for his Reiki session.
  6. Origin of Reiki – history: Dr Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi & Hawayo Takata.
  7. The 5 core Reiki principles (and their implications)
  8. How to apply Reiki (general guidelines, timing, distance)
  9. The different Reiki levels (and what can you achieve with each level)
  10. The Aura, energy bodies and chakras (detailed lecture)
  11. How to prepare for Reiki session
  12. Basic rules before every session
  13. Energy protection
  14. Grounding
  15. Applying Reiki (hands positions) – self-session & quick purification in 3 steps
  16. How to perform session for clients – hands positions, opening & closing of the aura, ethics.
  17. What is ego / fear (how to deal with negative emotions
  18. Contact information (my students are encouraged to keep in contact, send feedback and ask for help when in need)
  • Private class requires a Reiki session prior to initiation (not included in the price)
  1. Demonstration of Reiki session on Reiki table
  2. Demonstration of Reiki session on a chair
  3. Every student practice by doing Reiki session on a Reiki table
  • Professional quality Reiki 1 manual – printed materials, folder, small gift
  • Certificates with gold color stamps
  • *Anything additional that my student/s require, according to the situation and my spiritual guidance!
  • Class duration approximately 2 – 3 h
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