Reiki All Levels

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice. It is energy that heals on physical, spiritual and mental level. You can enjoy the endless benefits of Reiki by booking a studio session or you can have a distant session which is equally beneficial. Reiki is known to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, to heal illness*, relationships, addictions, to charge food, water and items with Reiki, it helps pregnant women, children, plants, animals, make whishes come true and much more!



*Reiki is not a substitude for a medical treatment. Although no scientific evidence has been gathered to prove the healing effect of Reiki, the numerous testimonials of all Reiki practitioners point to the fact that Reiki help the body to recover in less time and with fewer medications. This doesn’t mean that I encourage you to stop your current treatment. Always consult a physician!

This product includes all four Reiki levels. Become Reiki Master Teacher and have your own Reiki practice, clients and students. This is all inclusive course for the most determined students, seeking not only spiritual development, but who also feel the calling to spread the love and light across the globe! Save by getting all the courses together!

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