Realm Reading


Have you ever felt different that the others? Are you more sensitive to energies? Do you care deeply for a cause such as Saving the Environment, Charity, Animals, Global awareness for all positive changes? Do you feel that this is not your first time on Earth? If Yes, you are among the many Earth Angels (Lightworkers) sent to this Planet to help people and animals to live a healthier, happier, better life!

The Realm Reading will identify to which Earth Angel Realms do you belong, according to your physical and personal characteristics. You will learn SO MUCH about yourself – about your relationship patterns with other people, which will help you in your personal and business communications; about your Life Purpose – what are your talents and gifts, you will discover all the fields that naturally match your abilities and inner desires.

Find out if you belong to the core realms: Incarnated Angels, Elementals (fairies), Wise Ones, Star People or any of the blended realms: Mystic Angels, Knights, Aladdin Genies, Atlanteans, Incarnated Cherub, Mystic Stars, Cosmic Angels, Mystic Angel Stars, Leprechauns, Merpeople (mermaids) or a new special blend that hasn’t been yet discovered!

In addition to the Realm Reading you can order Life Purpose Oracle cards reading, to provide further insight and guidance regarding your life path.

Through a Regression session you can access you Past Life and meet your Spiritual Guide. This meditative technique is completely safe, you are not under hypnosis, therefore you are aware, conscious and in control of what you say. The Regression can help you overcome any fear, phobia, emotional problem you may have, that can not be cured otherwise. Duration: up to 2 hours




How to order: Immediately after payment you will have access to the downloadable Questionnaire containing instructions how to proceed. You will get your realm reading within 72 hours. This is the price for distant reading my email. If you prefer in person session, click here.

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