The Ultimate Spiritual Experience


The “Ultimate Spiritual Experience” private session includes:

Aura scan – Reiki session with Chakra balancing, Energy protection

Spirit Guide & Guardian Angel – channeled messages

Angel Tarot Divination

Crystals – increase the benefits of the energy sessions

Enjoy relaxing atmosphere, aromatherapy, sound healing and receive intuitive guidance from your Angels and Guides, all in one session! Click on Description below for details

Angel Tarot

Choose from over 20 Angel card decks! Ask questions related to your future or how to heal the past. Our most popular readings are “Life Purpose”, “Romantic Reading”, “Angel Tarot” and the “Yearly Forecast”

Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue

Aura Scan

Using gentle Reiki session, your aura will be scanned to detect any energetic attachment. Heal past situations, relationships, bad luck, feeling of being stuck and any negative energy accumulated recently. Feel you spirit fresh and energized!

Reiki Master Teacher & Spirit Attachment certified

Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels

Throughout the session your Spirit Guide/s will be communicating messages for you. All the channeled information will be provided in written format.

Certified Angel Intuitive by Doreen Virtue


Following your intuition choose a crystal to hold during your meditation. Crystals focus the intention and multiply the benefits of an energetic session. We have a variety of crystal jewellery in our shop as well!

This is 1 hour private session, in person. For distant session click here.

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