Past Life Regression Course


This is a spiritual technique that leads to accessing your past life memories through a guided meditation. You will receive only information that is valuable to you, and nothing scary!The information will be recorded and given to you after the session; you will use it to heal and transform your life in the best way possible.

From the beginning and throughout the whole process you will be surrounded by your Guardian Angels and Spiritual Guides, who will be sending you messages. The Spirit world will guide you and protect you. After the session we will discuss the information received and I will advice you how to use it to your benefit.

You will get:

  • One-on-one training and initiation / available on Skype if you live outside of Montreal
  • Spiritual consultation before the session
  • Meditative / Cellular Regression
  • Past Life regression training
  • Discussion
  • Sacred Past Life Script
  • Certification
Included in the price: Free Past Life Oracle Card reading


Through a Regression session you can access you Past Life and meet your Spiritual Guide. This meditative technique is completely safe, you are not under hypnosis, therefore you are aware, conscious and in control of what you say. The Regression can help you overcome any fear, phobia, emotional problem you may have, that can not be cured otherwise. Duration: up to 2 hours




Past Life Regression Practitioner Level. Installment payment plan available too. I offer one version of the script including in the price (English, French or Bulgarian). If you want any of the translations, they are available for additional fee.

To sign up for this special class email me.

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