One Hour Session


The spiritual consultation includes a conversation up to 60 minutes, in person. For distant session click here. You will be able to express all your concerns and I will guide you to the service which is most appropriate for your case. Many times the final results are achieved through only session, this is how effective my services are!

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If you need an advice or support concerning your personal / spiritual growth, energy treatment, meditation, communication with angles, practical magic, evil eye protection, protective prayers, divination, finding the answers that you can’t find on your own – I am here to help!

The most commonly discussed topics are included (but not limited to) the list below:

  • Regression – meditative past life therapy
  • Reiki sessions and classes
  • How to communicate with my guardian angels
  • How to read the angelic signs
  • How to meditate
  • How to interpret dreams
  • How to use the pendulum to answer my questions
  • Automatic writing – getting information from the divine
  • Angel Card Reading – readings and classes
  • I want to receive a message from a deceased relative
  • How to improve my intuition
  • I have an important decision to make, which one is the right way
  • Questions regarding relationships
  • Removing negative energy
  • Protection against negative energy (including techniques for everyday protection)
  • How to protect my home, office, car etc – prayers, amulets, talismans and how to make them yourself
  • Am I a victim of black magic and how to get rid of it
  • How to develop my spiritual based career (marketing support)
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