Angel Card Reading


Quick and easy access to angelic advice! You don’t want to book full session, or you just had yours and now an additional question came up. Or perhaps you are in need of a quick reply! Don’t worry, this 1 question reading can be sent instantly to you. Approximate duration of the reading 10-15 min

Make your payment and send me your question or topic. For example “career”, “relationship”, Life purpose”, “I am getting married soon?” etc


This is a reading sent via email. Make sure you include your email address in your order or email me through the contact page for additional information. Your instant reading will be sent to the same address. I use Angel Tarot & Angel Answers for this one question session. Choose between one on the following card spreads, if you don’t I will select it according to your question:

* 3 cards – Past, Present, Future
* 5 cards – Situation Reading – Your situation, Expectations, Hidden Influence, Advice, Outcome
* 10 cards – Celtic Cross – detailed reading: Situation, Challenge, Base of the situation, Past, Present, Future, Your strenght, Hope & Fears, Influence of other people, Advice, Outcome.
* 12 cards – Monthly reading (1 year reading) – for each upcoming month, this reading set the general outlinne of upcoming events. Later you may simply do specific question readings.
Order Now, Reply within MINUTES !!! Reading sent back to your E-Transfer


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