Angel Tarot Course

You can learn how to do card readings through this course – either in person or online. I will guide you through the 28 topics, you will practice by doing the 13 exercises included in the course, we will review and discuss together all your questions and at the end you will be confident and capable of doing Angel Card readings on your own – for yourself, family, friends and clients! The course includes also “How to make card reading a career”

I am a Tarot reader since 1997, and later I specialized in Angel card readings. A part from being Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue I am also Reiki Master Teacher & Spiritual Counselor. I made this course to help anyone who wish to perfect his readings, because with Angel cards it is as easy as it sounds and EVERYONE can do it! This course is based ot the Certified Angel Card Reader ® course by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, on my own practice and experience. Upon the completion of the course you will get a certification.

I teach this class LIVE in person or via Skype.


What will you learn?

  • Energy protection and cleansing
  • The difference between the type of cards – Tarot, Angel cards, Oracle cards
  • How to prepare yourself before the reading
  • 1 card reading, Daily readings, Yes or No questions
  • How to conduct card readings for clients
  • How to interpret the cards without reading the booklet
  • You will gain clarity and confidence through the 13 practical exercises included in the program
  • You will learn the difference between the card spreads
  • Working with multiple decks simultaneously for more detailed prediction
  • In depth studying of the 3 main types of card readings: Romance, Health & Life Purpose
  • How to turn Angel card reading into a career (or additional income) – practical advice and marketing support

Included in the price:
Certificate (send by email, high resolution) or printed for in person classes
Word doc study materials for all online students
28 topics / approximately 6 hours
Format: online course
13 Exercises

Practice with over 20 Angel card decks!

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