Akashic Records Course


Akashic records certification course. You have the option to take the class in person in Montreal or at distance via Skype, Facebook, email.

What to expect / What will you receive:

  • Professional training including energy clearing, protection
  • Meditation basics
  • Visualization techniques
  • Automatic writing
  • Learn the different methods to access the Akasha
  • How to conduct a client session
  • How to make your own classes
  • Certification
  • Promo gift

What can you achieve by reading the Akashic records:

  • Find your Life Purpose
  • Discover your gifts and talents (Receive guidance for the best suitable career)
  • Learn about your past lives
  • Discover future possibilities
  • Heal fears and fobias (by finding out where they originate from)
  • Balance your karma
  • Work on relationships (did you know this person in previous lifetime? why are you together or separated)
  • Who is your Soulmate? Who is your Twin Flame? How to attract him / her
  • Break past life contracts
  • Learn how to correct your mistakes
  • Learn about your family of origin (find your soul family members among your current family)
  • And much more!

What you can not do through Akashic Records reading:

  • This is not fortune telling! You can ask for guidance, directions in life, explanation how and why an event occurred into your life, how to begin the healing process, but Akashic Records will not tell you what to do. It is ALWAYS up to you and your free will! The records will show you future possibilities if you ask, but it is your responsibility to take the final decision.
  • You can not read the Akashic records of another person, without their permission – for example “What and why your boyfriend did” will not be answered. He has to personally book a session if he wants… If he has done something personally to you, then you can ask the question as part of your own Akashic records.
  • Akashic Records helps us understand who we truly are, and who we have been millions of years. They will help you correct your mistakes, but it is also important to accept who you are and to be willing to improve. YOU have to do the work, no one else will do it for you.


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