Private Coaching Program “Inspired Transformation

This program is designed for the people who are READY to be HAPPY! I will give you all the necessary tools and I will guide your personal spiritual transformation, but you need to dedicate time and energy and do the work! Positive change comes to you when you are WILLING to change.

Methods I use:

  • Scientifically proven methods: Meditation, Mindfulness coaching, Stress Reduction program
  • Evidence based methods: based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy* – practice used to reduce your irrational thoughts, leading to longterm reduction of subjective stress, leading to improved wellbeing.
  • Spiritual teachings: according to your personal belief system we will select the most approrpiate techniques. Most popular are Past Life Regression, Reiki Energy healing, Spirit Guides communication, Angel card reading.

Included in your program:

  • 8 weeks of private coaching one-on-one, 2 hours each meeting. (value of 1040 $)
  • One Spiritual Initiation by your choise (Reiki attunement. If you are Reiki Master Teacher already, you can benefit from the additional Reiki initiation.) (value of 250$)
  • 8 homework assignments
  • Email correspondence and feedback on your personal progress
  • Private online discussion group for students
  • Certification of completion
  • Study materials, workbooks, PDFs/Word documents with meditations to practice
  • Energy Clearing Session at the begining of your program (value 130$)

After the program:

  • Extra 2 hours of personal coaching via telephone, Skype or email. (value 130$)
  • Resources for continued learning
  • Invitations to advanced workshops and certification programs
  • Exclusive member discounts for individual coaching

Total value of more than 1 550 $

This program is offered to you only for 1/3 of the price!!! I am willing to donate most of my time, energy and expertise for those who are ready to commit and to transform their lives!

WHEN: Next Coaching Program is scheduled for 7th May 2018. Registrations are open now. Program is offered in 3 languages: English, French, Bulgarian.

Click here if you are READY for your life changing Inspired Transformation

Payment options:

– 1 payments of 516 $ CAD (E-transfer, bank transfer or credit card payment)

– 2 easy payments of 265 $ (two months plan)

– 3 easy payments of 180 $ (three months plan)

Why did I create this program?

Long lasting changes require determination from your side along with a quilifed coach ready to be there for you ANYTIME! I know why most of you struggle to succeed in your meditation practice or your spiritual development path. In the begining you are very enthusiastic, but eventually your motivation vanishes. This happens when you try to do it alone, you are not trained properly, you are exposed to enormous amounts of information online and can’t decide which is most relevant to your needs. This is why having a Personal Life Coach is a guarantee for success! I have had my own coaches and teachers too. In my practice I see people who were abusing their health, their self-respect for years! Finally they come to me desperate for a change. So far so good, you’ve come to the right place. But longterm benefits require dedication, as I already mentioned. You can’t expect to have one magical session to solve your lifelong problems! Therapy and coaching can be expensive if you pay per visit. After every session or class I find that people continue to message / call me for further guidance. This is why I offer you a program that contains all the essentials for your Positive Transformation, while making it affordable! ~ Namaste!


*I am a Spiritual Life Coach with training in Psychology and Religion. I am not a licensed psychotherapist, nor psychologist. I do not diagnose, I do not give medical advise.