Past Life Journey

 My life began with Past Life memories. I was fascinated by this subject and I dedicated years of studying it. But if you recently came across my website and you don’t know me yet, perhaps you should read further. Maybe looking at my Credentials page you think that Kamy Dova just took some classes and decided to be a Past Life teacher. 🙂 There is a little bit more than that to my story and it all began around 1986. When I look back I see the silver lining. All my spiritual experiences and teachings had led me to this point in time with a common theme Past Life Reincarnation.

As a very young child, around 3 years old I remember telling my parents and my sister, that I come from another planet. Not only they had told me these stories, I do remember them as well. I had the feeling that during the day I had my “human family” but at night they turned into aliens and it felt distant. Perhaps this was only the imagination of a child, right? Then I kept mentioning the name Kikumatz and I was telling them how scary he was. Unfrotunately this was used against me as a positive punishment strategy. I was being told “if you don’t behave Kikumatz will come”. Our parents back then did not have training in operant conditioning, so I forgive them 🙂 Anyway, he was the scary guy! Imagination or something more? Well years later my mom discovered his name in a book about Atlantis! There he was depicted as a half God, half human, with white skin, black robe and red beard. He came to the Maya civilization to bring spiritual teachings. He was called Kukumatz (one letter difference! I take it as a validation), also know by other names: Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan. Back in 1986 we didn’t have Internet to Google this information, so it took many years and the chance to find this book. I am yet to find out the details, as some ancient scripts talk about a diety with this name, other history materials depict an incarnated human with the same name. The mystery is to be revealed!

In 2013 I received my first initiation in Reiki. Such a blessed time in my life! Soon after, with my third initiation into Reiki Master I noticed more instances of spirits trying to communicate. When I was doing a session for another person, often the information I channeled was related to a Past Life.

In 2015 I immigrated to Canada with my family. I was born and raised in Bulgaria. Here in my new home in Montreal, I registered my company with my spiritual name Kamy Dova. During the same year I was blessed with the opportunity to be initiated into Past Life Regression therapy. From this moment on, I started actively doing past life sessions with people in Quebec and internationally through Skype sessions. Most of you are driven by a curiosity about past lives and this is fine, as it all begins by curiosity. But once you go through the profound experience of Past Life Regression, you learn that it is intended to heal the past. This practice is a unique combination of learning about your past life (or several paralel lives), healing past traumas, breaking past life vows, releasing old negative energy, connecting to your Spirit Guide and finaly aligning your energy to your life purpose. 

During the same year I studied the Earth Angel Realm Reading course by Doreen Virtue. Althought she is not teaching this class anymore, I find that it contains valid information and reliable assessment tools. The Realm Reading is intented for Lightworkers, people like you who are interested in spirituality. Essentialy the Realm reading gives you information about your past reincarnation (whether here on Earth or elsewhere). It reveals the type of Earth Angel you are, thus another form of Past Life therapy.

In 2016 following my studies in Mediumship and Spirit Attachments, I certified as Akashic Records reader. The Akashic records method is another way of accessing Past Life information. You can have a session where I tell you about your past lives or you can go through meditation allowing you to directly access your records. As part of my training I had to first do Akashic Records for myself, obviously. In one of these sessions I discovered very interesting information, which my research later confirmed. Read all about my Past Life in Paris here.

In 2017 after two years of actively practicing Past Life Regression in Montreal and online as distance sessions, I received my second initiation as Past Life Regression Teacher. Now I teach spiritual practitioners how to offer this service to their own clients and students. To find out more visit the PLR course.

Now in 2018 I was admitted in Master’s program of Religious Studies and I am looking forward to it with joy! Past Life as a Nun in Paris and now back to learning and teaching spirituality and religion (in French!). It’s all about the silver lining!


This blog post was written to explain what do I have to do with Past Life Regression and why you can trust me to lead you into your personal Past Life Journey! ~ Blessed Be!   ~ Kamy Dova