Movie night and consequences!

All blog posts are written by me (therefore forgive my grammar sometimes 😉 and they reflect TRUE EVENTS, personal experiences, nothing has been made up! Keep this in mind when you continue reading. On Friday night a group of Medium friends gathered to watch supernatural movies together. We saw the movie “White Noise“. For those of you who didn’t see it, or don’t remember the details – paranormal investigators were recording the ghost activity using radio, audio recorders, telephone answering machines, and old televisions. The ghosts outlines were appearing on the TV screens using static noise. I was joking and saying to my friends, that I remember how people usually throw away such old TV’s on the street, and that next time I see one, I shall take it, and create our ghost hunting studio together. And guess what – going back home that night, this is exactly what happened! Here is what I found: see the photo on the right —>  I call this a sign from above! 🙂  Then Carol said she saw the same size TV in her neighbourhood the other night too. People usually throw away such stuff in the spring, it is kind of unusual to see it in the winter, which is another reason that makes you wonder.

Then the second event that followed our movie night, was related to the number 3. In the movie “White Noise” there were three dark figures, perhaps demonic entities, which were causing all the troubles. Our discussion turned around that specific number, and Aurora (Soulful Traveler) shared her knowledge about it, the legends says about Jesus Christ crossing over to the Other Side at 3 pm, and demons being most active at 3 am as a way to mock God. They usually manifest their presence through the number 3 – as a group of 3 entities, knocking 3 times etc. So, we saw the movie on Friday night (20th Jan 2017), I found the TV on the same Friday night and then the next story followed on Saturday night. I was awaken by a very loud noise coming from my neighbour upstairs. Three loud banging noises! It seemed as if he was using a hammer (very unlikely at that particular time of the day/night) or as if he was moving some furniture, perhaps slamming a chair, but I heard 3 consecutive loud noises. The first thought in my mind was – why the number 3? I was awaken in the middle of the night, but not that attracted my attention, rather the counting. Second though was to check the time – guess what? It was 3 am sharp! I was so sleepy, I did not even got angry, nor afraid, just curious. Come on! Seriously? Is this another sign? Let me clarify, I am well aware that those noises were caused by my neighbour, and not from some demonic creatures, as I could hear the steps and voices (Montreal buildings can have pretty thin walls) but it makes me wonder why was he inspired to make that exact number of actions at that particular time?! Let me know what you think in the comments!