Montreal Medium My mediumship journey began longtime ago. Back then I didn’t know that the things I was doing were actually called mediumship.

The short story: I was communicating with angels and spirit guides since a teenager. Later I started sensing other spirits too. But it was not until my Reiki Master initiation that spirits of deceased people began contacting me during my spiritual sessions. At the end I went through an intensive certification program and now I am certified medium who is more than happy to be of service!

The long story: I learned about Ouija board as a kid. Well, I hear you, I know all your scary stories, but mine is much more romantic in fact! Through handmade Ouija board came my guardian angel. He was there to protect me when I needed him most. I continued communicating with him through automatic writing (or actually inspirational writing). Automatic writing is when spirit moves your hand. Inspirational writing is when you hear the spirit or you communicate telepathically and then you consciously write down what you receive. I am claircognizant, that means I receive information in my mind and this is how I communicate with the spiritual world. Since I was hearing the thoughts, there was no reason to continue writing, so soon afterwards I just kept the communication going telepathically. This is a form of Mental Mediumship, but I didn’t know all those fancy terms back then, I was only 14 years old…

Then everything went quiet for some time. I was busy with school, my life was peaceful and perhaps I didn’t need the spiritual protection that much, so my daily communication with the guardian angel decreased until it stopped for several years. Occasionally I did Tarot readings for friends, and every year I did a full 12 months Tarot reading for myself. I tried all divination tools that I came across, but Tarot was my favorite. Later I switched to Angel cards, and if you are wondering now “what does this all have to do with mediumship?” bear with me few more lines 🙂 I’ve had dreams about deceased relatives, but I didn’t know that this was another way to communicate to Spirit! I became Reiki Master Teacher and then suddenly I would start seeing (with my mind) my deceased grandparents, I would mentally talk to them and so on. Again, I thought that this was something related to my Reiki development, as with every next level my intuitive abilities got stronger. Finally one day I was doing an Angel card reading.  A spirit came to visit me and she passed along a message for my Reiki Master. I contacted her and said “Well I don’t know how strange this may sound, but there is a girl that wishes to communicate and she has a message for you.” Fortunately my teacher said “Go on Kamy, keep asking her, what does she have to say?” So I wrote down the name, the age, the connection (relationship) between them, I got the message and later most of the information was confirmed! That was my wake up call! A call that came from another dimension. I continued learning on the subject, studying, practicing, meeting medium friends and now I am happy to finally call myself a Medium!

I specialize in Spirit Rescue – helping souls to cross over into the Light; Spirit Attachments – releasing spirits, negative entities, past life vows etc from a person’s aura & Ghost hunting – releasing spirits attached to a location. A true possession is something very rare, but if you need help with that, contact me. Many of you are natural mediums too, who need help learning how to control their abilities. See my Mediumship certification class.