Ghost Hunt 05.01.2017

This is a ghost hunt we did in my apartment. In the video published here you will see a mix of the most interesting episodes, best EVP‘s captured both on video and audio. We are continuously improving our knowledge and abilities in spirit communication. I invite you to be part of my journey through my blog, as I am posting here every ghost hunt that I do in Montreal. Feel free to comment, write suggestions, constructive critics etc. I am also organizing workshops and classes on topics such as Spirit Communication, Ghost Hunting, Automatic Writing, follow my MeetUp and come in person!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive the latest Ghost Hunting videos – I upload them up to 48 hours after the event! Below you will see the EVP’s separately as audio files, for those of you who are interested.

EVP 1 – How many Spirit are here? “Two”

EVP 2 – Your name? “Peter, Pierre”

EVP 3 – Why are you here? Reverse “I don’t know” in Bulgarian (Ne znam)

EVP 4 – “David”

EVP 5 – Have you been here for a long time? “Have been there”

EVP 6 – Were you alive like us before? “Yeah”

EVP 7 – Are you a ghost? “Yes”

EVP 8 – “Enough” “Please”

EVP 9 – voice

EVP 10

EVP 11

EVP 12 – What is your name? “Assa”?

EVP 13 – Please wait 15 sec “Yeah”

EVP 14 – Were you happy with the things we were asking? “Question”

EVP 15 – Is there a spirit that needs healing right now? “No”

EVP 16 – Can you say his name again? “Oui”

EVP 17 – Do you prefer speaking English “Bonjour”