Spell Type: Banishing spell

Purpose: To remove from your life a harmful person or energy.

Ingredients: Water, freezer container, photo of the person or his name written on a paper.

Lunar day: best on waning moon


  • For a person – use his/her photograph or if not possible, write his/her name on a paper. Fold the photo or name several times, put it in the container, fill with water and put in the freezer. The person is supposed to detach from your life, without being harmed. You will no longer be in contact. If the spell works at first, but in few days/weeks the person returns, thaw the container and refreeze the spell. Thawing and refreezing magnifies the effect, so you can do it since the beginning for very serious cases! At the end you can either trash the ice in the garbage, bury it in the ground or keep it freezed! Repeat as necessary.
  • For an energy – negative energy, curses, earthbound spirits etc or when you don’t know who is sending you the misery. Write an X on a paper, fold it and follow the same instructions as above. X represents the negativity which is an obstacle on your way.

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