What type of payment do you accept ?

1. Interac E-Transfer (for Canada only) Send your payment to email info@kamydova.com  / no password required

2. Credit Cards – sharged with Square. Swipe your card in store or order via telephone.

3. Cash – cash payment is accepted, but since I require prepayment to reserve your place, you can pass by the office and pay before the event; or alternatively purchase a gift voucher.

*Please note that your order will be shipped (service will be provided) once the payment is received.

How to book an appointment ?

For ALL services I require a full payment. Due to the increasing number of people who book an appointment and don’t show up, don’t answer their phone etc I am forced to require a prepayment. If you are serious about our appointment, as I am committed and serious about it, go ahead and book the appointment by selcting the appropriate service. If you are not sure what session you need, simply book “1 Hour Session” OR “Online Consultation“.

For cancellation and rescheduling see “What is your exchange and refund policy?”

  • Appointment in person – every day, with appointment
  • Reading over the phone / via email – every day, with online booking
  • Group event – weekly events, available every day, with online booking
Reviews / Testimonials ?

You can read my reviews and write your own on my Facebook page.

Which service to choose?

If you don’t know which service best fits your needs, simply book the online consultation and we will discuss your situation.

In person sessions

Every day, with appointment

Online / Distant session

What is the difference between in person and distant session? Distant session is accessible faster – you can have it within 72 hours after purchase (usually on the same business day). As for the quality you receive the same results! The distant session has the advantage that you receive your answer in written format (or mp3) and you can review it as many times as you want!

Will I be charged taxes ?

No, the prices that you see are final. If you require postal services, you will have to pay the shipment separately. For example if you order jewellery, or you want your certificate to be mailed. You can see the prices of Canada Post. I do not charge extra.

What is your exchange and return policy ?
  • Jewelry & Toys – You can exchange your jewelry within 7 days of purchase if you need a size correction, but I do not offer refund due to the nature of my products – spiritual services and custom made jewelry.
  • For products (not used and in perfect condition) – exchange for a gift vucher.
  • Spiritual services are exception because once they are performed a refund would not be possible. Gift recipients are entitled to a non-refundable merchandise credit.
  • I do not offer refund. You can receive exchange or additional session under specific circumstances. My priority is customer’s satisfaction, if for any reason you didn’t reach your goal with the service you purchased, I will be happy to offer an extra session and follow up. In the same time, due to the nature of my business unfortunately I can not offer a refund.
  • Sessions & Event tickets – no refund; reschedule or exchange once up to 24 hours prior to the appointment.
Do you issue receipts ?

Montreal Medium & Kamy Dova are registered in Quebec. I can send you a quotation, invoice, and any other required document.

I want to pay CASH!

Come to my office and prepay your session OR purchase a gift certificate.

Can I send a gift directly to a friend ?

Yes, write your personal message, name, address of your friend and we will gift wrap and send the package directly to the recipient, without price tags or purchase receipts (for jewelry). For spiritual services email me the name and email of the recipient, once the payment is confirmed he will receive his gift. You can also buy a GIFT Certificate

Where to follow your latest news and events ?

Facebook is the place for latest info and promotions! You can find me on all social media by searching “Kamy Dova” or “Montreal Medium”. Both names are registered names of my company in Quebec.

Can you come to my place ?

Private parties, private sessions and classes in your home – 165 $ per hour

For clients with reduced mobility or another health concern that doesn’t allow them to travel, please contact me, I will be happy to visit you without extra charge.

Location outside the city of Montreal – 20 $ travel charges apply.

Where are you located ?

4543 Walkley, suite 8. Call 514 5919217 for the door.

H4B2K8, Montreal, Quebec.

Alternatively use the main entrance 4545 Walkley + ring door bell 108.

I am interested in specific class, are you going to offer it ?

I will be happy to hear your suggestions and to offer you the class that you seek. Please send me your comments.

I called you, you didn't answer?

Please leave me a voicemail or better text me with your name and service required. I will call you back asap!

Can you read my mind?

I am not interested in reading your mind. If you expect me not to ask you even one question and simply guess what do you need, your session will not be very succesful. If you have the attitude “Guess my name, let me see how good you are” do not waste my time and do not book a session with me. I reserve the right to refuse clients who are not respectful. No agressive language or behaviour will be tolerated.

Do you do spells and magic?

I don’t do love spells, or any other magic against a third person’s free will! You can find other practitioners who will do it for the right amount of money, but I wouldn’t advice anyone in participating in such a thing. It goes back to your Karma one way or another…

Tha being said, I can teach you how to work with law of attraction, doing simple rituals for health, abundance, love (but love in your life, for your highest good, not intended for a specific person). I also work with Reiki and visualization techniques to manifest wishes.

I break spells and clear negative energies, curses, spirit attachments. If you have one, I will help you remove it. But I do not create such negativities.

Asking for a third person

You can ask a question related to a third person (friend or relative) only if it is concerning situation in which you are personally involved. In other words you are asking for your own situation. But if you simply want to ask out of curiosity when will your daughter get married or is your boyfriend cheating on you, I refuse to answer such questions, as those people didn’t give me their permission. (in case of the cheating partner, perhaps a family therapist will be a better choice!)

How would you feel if someone go to a Psychic and start asking personal questions about you?

Can my friend attend the same session?

As a general rule I recommend that you have your session in private. There are many reasons for that. Sometimes the person who is with you may be the very reason that you experience some challenges… That being said, I have successfully done many sessions with couples (partners, parent-child, friends). At the end of the day I leave it up to your decision.

You can travel to my location together with your friend / relative. I have a room for private readings, while he/she is waiting for you!

I am not sure if I want to book a session with you

This is a decision that you will have to take yourself. 🙂

When I started my career many years ago, I used to offer free services to gain experience and receive feedback. I have proven throughtout the years that my work is professional. My clients testimoials speak for themselves. I do not intend to convince anyone of taking a session with me. When I go to a doctor or a lawyer for example, I do my research and once I select the person, I book a session because I trust that he/she will provide the best service. I do not ask them to show me anything to prove how good they are. This would be offensive, wouldn’t it? Following the same logic, you either trust me and book a session, if you are ready to work on yourself and improve your life, I will be there to guide you. Thank you!

How accurate are your readings?

My clients testimonials speak for themselves. While I do my best to guide you to your answers, keep in mind that I provide services, councelling, meditation and life coaching is not like dealing with the exact mathematical sciences. Therefore I can not provide a specific success percentage. That being said, in the rare occasions when the customer is not completely satisfied, I am willing to provide an additional service free of charge!

I was looking for Specific answers!

My responsibility to your include channeling the messages and guidance that comes from your angels and spirit guides. In combination with my professional training expertise, I can suggest possible coaching plans.

I can give you very specific answers, but I will not take any decisions instead of you! There is no single professional councellor out there who will ever do that!

You have a question, which is not listed? Contact me!

Please take time and read the Terms and Conditions carefully. Email me if you have any questions. By submitting an order / payment you agree to the terms listed here.