What are dreams? Are they just a reflection of our daily experiences or are they really an astral travel? I believe that dreams are a mixture of both.

Let me tell the story in reverse. Last night I had a dream. Like every other night, I usually dream vividly and I remember my dreams afterwards. Usually there are two distinct types of sensations that I noticed: one is the “dream state”, let me call it this way, this is when you have all kinds of crazy dreams but you know and you realize that they are fiction and you are not afraid. The second sensation is very real, let’s call it “the actual experience” feeling. I am referring to astral travel here. This is the feeling when someone is chasing you in your dream to kill you and you wake up in your scream …

I happened to experience the latter. I visited a room in my dream twice, I had a conversation with someone, everything seemed to be normal. But then for some reason I entered a third time. This time the apartment was dark, with the lights off, and two little girls were seating on a table facing each other without talking. I looked at them and I thought “This is so unusual, two children would never sit alone, quiet in the dark!” I get the shivers even now when I am writing the story… Very creepy, right? And then my next immediate thought was “There is a ghost here!!!” Next thing I see – their hair goes up straight pointing the roof, before I realize what’s happening my hair goes straight up too, and in the next moment an invisible power (seemingly dark) pulls my body off the ground. Pretty much like in the exorcism movies. And I promise I didn’t watch horro movies the previous night! I freaked out in my dream and instantly decided to call upon Archangel Michael – The protector who can always save me! Next thing I remember was me, waking up from my own voice, and I heard my self pronouncing “Archangel Michael save and protect us!” He did indeed, as my torturous dream was over.

That whole experience really makes me feel that I was visiting another dimension in the astral plane. We can always call upon God and the Angels, no matter in what state or dimension we are. They will always hear us and come. Archangel Michael in this case helped me by waking me up šŸ™‚

Another time I was in my country of residence, and for a whole week every night I had dreams about my country d’origine. In the mornings I was waking up so tired and finally I asked the spiritual world to cease those long distance travels and let me rest. Astral travels can be tiring!

There is so much more that can be said about dreams. Let me know about your experiences in the comments. I can even try and help you to interpret some of them.

Dream on baby šŸ™‚