Chained to eternity

Ghooost hunt meetup MontrealYesterday, 4th of September 2016, with our ghost hunting group we visited the Pied-Du Courant Prison (also known as La Prison-des-Patriotes). We had a guided tour and we learned about the history of the building and the political events that took place between 1836 and 1912. I will not go into such details now, first because I am not particularly interested, second you can see the reference by reading Wikipedia. Since the purpose of our group visit was the paranormal investigation, this is the side of the story that I will be covering. If you have never done it before, you might find interesting tips and use them on your next visit to the museum!Kamy Dova

Before going to any location – do your energy protection! So I did mine at home and on my way there. Before we got into the building I started tuning into the energy of the place.When I do a Reiki session I have 3 levels of clearing symptoms, 3 physical sensations that tell me how much negative energy I cleanse. First it starts with yawning, the second level is a lot of yawning plus tears running (and runny nose) and the last level is burping – it sounds gross but I mean you just feel it, you cleanse it without everyone knowing about it. But that is the most intense, when I experience it I immediately know – there is a LOT of negative energy around! So I can tell you that I felt my 3rd level very strongly before we even came into the prison.

Once we got inside, I had a persistent heavy feeling, deep sadness (although clairsentience is not my best clair) and a headache. I was not scared that something is making me sick, as I am well aware that this is a temporary sensation and this is how we pick up and read energy. I had my energy protection and I was calm, but the experience was not pleasant. When I heard the horrific stories of the living conditions in the prison it all made sense. Here is a photo of a metal ring to which prisoners were attached. prison chain

One of the girls in the group picked up some intense energy and we did further investigate. Although my audio recordings, video clips or photographs did not detect any spirit activity or EVPs, we were able to channel messages and to contact few spirits. Without going into details about the names or the time periods, I will only tell you the most important part of the story. There was a spirit still attached to one of the metal rings. He was still struggling with his prison time, not knowing that he was allowed to take the chains off!!! Aurora did contact him first and I joined her. We explained him the situation, that he was free to go into the Light now and there is nothing holding him down anymore. We both saw him changing into white clothes and lifting up above… We mentally sent the message to other spirits too: “You ARE allowed to go!” That was very important lesson for me. No matter how crazy this may sounds to you, but if you are a medium, if you are interested in Spirit Rescue as I am, know that you can send this message anywhere you go – the places full of earth-bound spirits are prisons, hospitals, cemeteries etc. You don’t always need to perform a ritual or take a longtime, just a thought will be enough! Your thoughts are very powerful. Use them for positive changes! Blessed be!


Our next Ghost hunting is in 2 weeks, story to follow! In the meantime stay connected on Facebook.