Cemetery Ghost Hunt

Our Meet-Up group came together yesterday 5th of October 2016 for another Ghost Hunt at the Mont Royal cemetery in Montreal. I believe this have been the last outdoor event for the season as the temperatures are down to around 0-10 degrees. Here are the photos. You will see mushroom circle, purple mushroom, they were birds signing above us, stone circle, we received tree messages, I mean fairies were all around us this time! It was a Fairy / Ghost Event! 🙂

As you know in my Mediumship I am particularly interested in Spirit Rescue and Spirit attachments. Every time we have a mediumship circle or ghost hunt, I look for lost souls or spirits who need help to cross over. That is something that really makes me happy! I will try to record some EVP’s next time, this time we had no luck with the recordings. Aurora had her phone typing a message by itself, and she said that usually electronic devices go crazy around her when there is a spirit activity. And I believe her, because I remember one story when I wanted to print her some document about spirits and my printer got weird, it started blocking, tearing the paper, I tried to fight the situation but eventually after the third or fourth attempt I gave up… Ghosts! 🙂

It was more important that we shared some light and love thought. I am also looking forward to my Ghost Hunting course graduation, I want to arm myself with few ghost hunting tools and to have even more fun in future hunts. I will definitely make a video on that guys!

It is interesting to walk around the graves, actually, no matter how bizarre that sounds. It resembles a course in history – we look around different cultures, traditions and memories. It makes us remember how short life is, and it motivates us to live it well, loving, caring and sharing with our friends and relatives. “Memento mori” is not a depressing phrase, but inspirational one!

Another point to remember my dear friends is that your deceased loved ones are not in the graveyard. They will notice if you bring them flowers, if you light up a candle for them and they will very much appreciate it. In fact yesterday we were looking at one of the graves, which was decorated by many toys, artificial flowers, colorful objects expressing the attention of the person who brought them and as I was communicating with one of the spirits of the grave (it was a family thumb stone with 4 names), the Spirit told me that he understands the reason behind the decoration, but it is really not his style. Most of the times they express their sense of humor in an authentic way! But in the same time if something prevents you from visiting the grave, perhaps you are abroad, hundreds miles away, know that spirits feel how much you miss them, nevertheless you didn’t visit recently (or not at all). And please don’t feel guilty! Love is the highest power! Send them love and thoughts of joy! Don’t look for them in the graveyard, as this is an earthly place created by us, not them! It consists of objects, reminders, souvenirs, but not necessarily spirits! In fact spirits can be everywhere, and I hope this statement doesn’t scare you! This gives me the idea to do my next ghost hunt in a different place. Let it be a surprise! See you soon!