All blog posts are written by me (therefore forgive my grammar sometimes ;) and they reflect TRUE EVENTS, personal experiences, nothing has been made up! Keep this in mind when you continue reading. On Friday night a group of Medium friends gathered to watch supernatural movies together. We saw the movie "White Noise". For those of you who didn't see it, or don't remember the details - paranormal investigators were recording the ghost activity using radio, audio recorders, telephone answering machines, and old televisions. The ghosts outlines were appearing on the TV screens using static noise. I was joking and saying to my friends, that I remember how people usually throw away such old TV's on the street, and that next time I see one, I shall take it, and create our ghost hunting studio together. And guess what - going back home that night, this is exactly what happened! Here is what I found: see the photo on the right --->  I call this a sign from above! :)  Then Carol said she saw the same size TV in her neighbourhood the other night too. People usually throw away such stuff in the spring, it is kind of unusual to see it in the winter, which is another reason that makes you wonder.
I am so excited, you can't even imagine! I finally signed up for my Ghost Hunting course! I expect to complete it in January. In the meantime I started gathering my ghost hunting equipment. Here are some of the basics that I have: digital camera, tripod, remote control, grid laser pen, compass and K II meter (for electromagnetic field checks), digital voice recorder, or course protection symbols, white candle and the coolest new gadget - A Spirit Box!!!
What are dreams? Are they just a reflection of our daily experiences or are they really an astral travel? I believe that dreams are a mixture of both. Let me tell the story in reverse. Last night I had a dream. Like every other night, I usually dream vividly and I remember my dreams afterwards. Usually there are two distinct types of sensations that I noticed: one is the "dream state", let me call it this way, this is when you have all kinds of crazy dreams but you know and you realize that they are fiction and you are not afraid. The second sensation is very real, let's call it "the actual experience" feeling. I am referring to astral travel here. This is the feeling when someone is chasing you in your dream to kill you and you wake up in your scream ...
I will begin with a suggestion how you can find out for yourself where did you live in your past life. And then I will share my story. I will try to the best of my abilities to include a useful advice or information in all my posts. We have memories from past lives stored in our subconscious mind. When we feel particularly attracted to something, to person or a place, it might be due to our past life relationship with it. When you visit a foreign country and you FEEL that you somehow know the area, you have been in those buildings, the culture seems so familiar, take it as a big possibility that you are returning to your ancient home! In the story to follow you will see that these are not simply suggestions, but proven facts. The other lesson I have learned is that nothing happens coincidentally. If you are guided to do something, there is a reason for that. Sometimes it takes few years to realize what happened and why, but the confirmation always comes! The prove is to follow.