Angel Tarot or Jesus?

For those of you who follow Doreen Virtue, you know that she has switched from New Age, Tarot Readings to Jesus and Christian religion. This video explains it all. Or as she says she didn’t switch, Jesus was always there …
I have been following her classes and I still am following her page, although not as often as before the change. But there is one thing I wanted to discuss. Angel Tarot cards. Perhaps you know, I also stopped doing readings for several months (2017). I stopped because I felt that people were getting the wrong message from the cards. Recently I went back to my readings since they are my inspiration, teaching me self-evaluation. I do not do Fortune telling! Let me explain.
How I use Angel Cards
I ask God and the Archangels, your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to send you blessed messages through the cards. So you can find answers of your questions, let go of your doubts, reduce anxiety and replace it with hope. The intention is to receive a spiritual advice. And here is the deal – advice can be taken or ignored. You have the FREE WILL and you need to take responsibility for your actions! Always do what you feel guided to do intuitively, not ignoring your reason of course. I believe we all have our answers before we ask a question. Tarot cards serve to confirm our intuition or to prepare us for difficulties, so we can overcome them with more ease. But no card reading should ever tell you what to do, at the end of the day the decision for your own destiny is yours!
When I do reading for myself I follow the same principle. I know what I want. But I would ask the cards “How to achieve it” or “What to do first”, or “Angels what is your advice for today” and so on. There were times when I wanted something, my card told me No, but I still did it 🙂 This is what we are suppose to do, be ourselves and be brave!
I love teaching the Angel Tarot Course, because you can trully discover and understand Tarot cards once oyu start using them. The spiritual understanding of how all events are related comes with long term practice.
Why the cards then? I told you – prepare as much as you can for what is coming, if possible avoid some difficulties, learn to be patient, to trust. Angel cards are a tool that is useful. But as every tool it needs to be used by a skillful master.
What people got wrong?
Unfortunattely, sometimes people are not ready to work on their own spiritual development. They are not ready to forgive. They are not ready to be tolerant, empathic, unselfish … They want me to give them “easy answers” without them having to do any work. Easy come, easy goes you know that. If you want to gain clarity about your life, be ready to listen to the messages. Happiness is a process and success takes time. Always think about “why” are you asking something. Questions like “why something happened before”, “when am I going to die” or a question which answer you already know make no sense. If you pull a card for those it will be meaningless. So to go back to Doreen’s video, this is exactly the intention of the readings, and this is how I always did them – as inspirational guidance. I do believe in destiny, but I also believe in free will and multiple future possibilities. Let me recap:
What Angel Tarot can do for you:
Inspire your new projects, help you prioritize and structure your plans
Heal relationships by asking you to forgive and take the partner’s perspective
Teach you patience
Warn you about possible obstacles (so you can avoid them or minimize the impact)
Give you hope, keep your faith
Answer specific questions (how, when, who, why) related to past, present or future
Help you on your spiritual journey
What a Tarot reading can’t and shouldn’t be:
The only possible future
Prediction (as if you don’t have a choice)
Telling you what to do (especially if you want the opposite of what the cards show)
The Angel card reader “guessing” why you came for a reading … that is one of my “favourites”! When people come to me, stare in my eyes and say – “I am not disclosing any details, let’s see what you can guess” Should I laugh or cry?
To get the most out of my readings be ready:
To listen
To try and follow the spiritual advice given
Don’t have expectations and don’t judge
Be open minded
Be sincerely ready to improve the situation
Be genuine
Be respectful!
Be patient – that is why I ask you to take a picture of your reading! Sometimes the puzzle pieces come into place after few days / weeks. Keeping a diary is very beneficial too!
I will be editing this text as I remember more examples. What about Jesus. I started seeing him when I began doing Reiki sessions with the intention for physical healing. Especially when I clear someone’s solar plexus chakra, he comes through very clearly. (I see with my third eye, it’s a clairvoyant vision). I always believed in Jesus, God, Mother Marry. I also know that the Bible is againts Mediumship and fortune telling. I think that part of the Bible is indeed Jesus’ words, and some other quotes are there to control the massses and teach us how to behave. When I do my work from my heart, helping both spirits and living humans, whether I use water, stones, candles or cards, it really doesn’t matter. It’s all about the pure intentions, integrity and care for the people we work. In fact the Bible is against using Mediumship to foretell. But we don’t connect to spirit for that. I personally use my mediumship abilities to release spirit attachments, to help earthbound spirits cross into the Light, I use prayer and I work with the Angels, pretty much all aligned with the Light. The fuss about sorcery comes from the fact that they are all types of magic rituals out there, and not all practitioners work with the angelic realm. For those of you, Lightworkers, who work to assist souls on their journey, I don’t think you should be constraint by fear. Let it be Light!
Bottom line, I agree with how Doreen sees card reading. I disagree with any extreme opinions though. I will be doing readings for as long as they are needed and helpful, for as long as I see that you benefit. I just ordered my new Bible and I am planning to read it again with all my spiritual teachings in mind. Follow my Facebook page where I will be sharing interesting examples and we can discuss the psalms. It is interesting to see it with new eyes after all these years of spiritual learning and teaching!
I will miss your New Age classes Doreen, no matter what you do we love you <3