Kamy Dova – Spiritual Life Coach

BA Psychology, MA Religious Studies

Reiki Master Teacher, Angel Intuitive®,

Certified Angel Card Reader®, Realm Reader®

Fairyologist®, Medium, Akashic Records,

Spirit Attachments and Ghost Hunting certified

Past Life Regression Teacher


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1986 – My spiritual name is Kamy Dova. As a young child around the age of 3 I was telling my family stories about my past life existence. I told them how I lived on another planet, I had another family and I knew an entity called Kikumatz. Years later in a book about Atlantis we found information about Kukumatz (Q’uq’umatz), also known by the names Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan. The book says he was a God, he appeared in flesh with white skin and red beard and he brought to Earth Spiritual Teachings. Some references talk about him as being representation of Jesus Christ. Interestingly though in historical scripts there is information about a diety with this name, before he was reincarnated. For some reason this name brought up nightmares in my childhood and I need to find out who of the two was the scary guy! There you have it, if this is not a proof about past life, I don’t know what is 😉

1988 – My first clairvoyant experience was when I was 5-6 years old. I saw a big eye staring at me through the window and that scared me so much! I always felt another presence, but at the time I couldn’t explain it all.

1997 – As a teenager I was doing mainly spirit communication, channeling, automatic writing and Tarot card readings. I was learning about all the divination tools that I came across.

2012 I started my Youtube channel, currently with nearly 12 000 subscribers

2013 – I discovered the gentle and yet powerful teachings of Reiki energy. Since I started practicing Reiki sessions for other people, I’ve noticed that during the session I was channeling information about their past lives. My Mediumship abilities developed further too.

2014 I Became Reiki Master Teacher, with hundreds of sessions & students from around the world. Successfully doing Reiki sessions and Reiki attunements in person and at distance.

2015 Certified Angel card reader * – I transformed my Tarot passion into Angel readings. Since then I have had thousands of customers who did Angel readings with me, students who took my Angel Tarot course & I regularly participate in Tarot events in Montreal. (courses with * are certified by Doreen Virtue)

Past Life Regression Practitioner – The gift of helping people discover their own past lives is alligned with my life purpose and I feel so grateful and blessed to have this opportunity! I do Past Life Regressions & I teach people how to perform Regressions

Realm Reader * Find out what type of Reincarnated Earth Angel you are!

2016 Mediumship certification, Spirit Attachments, Akashic recordsI help both the living and the spirits. The techniques that I use help earthbound spirits to cross over, remove curses, even demonic presence / evil entities attachments.

Fairyologist *- first to graduate in Montreal. Connecting to the spirit realm of fairies.

I began my studies in Psychology Specialization BA, in Concordia University.

2017Ghost Hunter certification. Clearing your home / office from spirits and negative energies.

Angel Intuitive * Taking my Angel communication methods to the next level!

Past Life Regression Teacher – after 2 years of practice with Past Life Regressions I was further initiated into being a PLR Teacher.

2018 – continuing my studies – MA Religious Studies in Sherbrooke University.

Next Projects to complete:

Aromatherapy certification

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

*Disclaimer – I am not a medical doctor, nor I offer a health advice. Please consult your physician and follow your prescribed therapy.